L’anglais est la langue la plus parlée dans le monde des affaires. C’est bien connu que pour tisser des liens à l’international, l’anglais est indispensable.

Ainsi, si vous souhaitez utiliser tout votre potentiel dans les affaires, vous n’avez pas d’autre choix que de vous concentrer sur l’anglais des affaires. Aujourd’hui, nous allons voir plus en détail l’anglais des affaires utilisé dans le domaine du marketing.

Le marketing utilise un vocabulaire très spécifique que vous devez connaître pour pouvoir discuter avec vos clients, votre communauté, vos prospects, vos associés, etc. Pour toute question marketing, vous devez vous familiariser avec les concepts marketing les plus répandus.

Les termes marketing en anglais des affaires

Voici le vocabulaire le plus connu et récurrant utilisé en anglais dans le domaine du marketing avec les explications en anglais!

  • Advertisement: in the world of marketing, advertisement plays a leading part in the success of any product. Commonly shortened as ‘Ad’, an advertisement is a paid announcement via television, radio, social networks, newspapers, magazines, etc; looking forward to promote a product or service. Verbs related: to advertise/to promote.
  • Mass Media: you can define as mass media any means of communication which attracts the attention of a massive amount of people. For example: television channels with worldwide coverage, big newspapers such as The New York Times, etc.
  • Return on Investment: if your field is investments and finances then you’ll see this term coming around a lot, so you better have a clear definition of what it means. Commonly abbreviated as ROI, the return on investment is the amount of profit made from an investment before taxes are subtracted. It’s usually expressed as a percentage.
  • Motto/Slogan: Do you remember seeing a big “I’m lovin’ it” at McDonald’s? Well, that’s a slogan. It’s usually a word or a catchphrase that attracts customers’ attention and sticks with them. Something they can’t forget easily.
  • Brand: a brand is a particular product or a characteristic that serves to identify a particular product. We’re surrounded by famous brands all day every day, here are some that you may recognize: Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, Converse, Lays, Pringles, Heinz, Hershey’s, etc.
  • Logo: a short way to write ‘logotype’, and it’s a graphic representation of a company. It can be its name, an abbreviation, a drawing related to the brand (for example Lacoste or Pepsi). It’s a very important part of a company’s presentation and it should be designed in a way customers recognize it and remember it when they see it again.
  • Wholesale Price: if you’re in the market as a distributor or a retailer, then this term is very important for you. The wholesale price is the price sellers give you when you buy many products to the same company/person. Of course, as you’re probable a recurring client and you’re buying more than 1 item, the price should be lowered a bit.
  • Competitive Price: it’s a good price according to what competitors are asking for a product. Competitive prices put your products in the market and are more likely to look like great opportunities for customers.
  • Appointment: if you’re planning to have a very busy business life, then you’ll be full of these. Appointments are fixed meetings, so you have to keep them in mind, probably write them down and try to be punctual!

Commencez par ces termes d’anglais des affaires et du marketing pour vous imprégner du vocabulaire nécessaire, rajoutez-le dans vos discussions et appropriez les vous.

En plus de cela, pourquoi ne pas essayer des cours d’anglais des affaires en ligne avec l’un de nos professeurs d’anglais spécialisés en anglais des affaires? De cette façon, vous serez bien préparé aux différentes tâches à accomplir en anglais.

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