has developed a special online Business English course to make you feel more confident in any job-related topics. Professionals sometimes need to make sure their English level is good enough to discuss complex business issues.

Business English Online by Skype

As a professional, it’s probably very difficult for you to find time to improve your English even though your career depends on it! While taking a Business English course by Skype with, you will work efficiently on what you need to improve, on subjects that are important for you. You won’t waste time in transport or learning in a classroom where everyone is at a different level. The lessons focus on you, your needs and your objectives. You will also enjoy 30 min lessons that you can schedule any time, any day (including on the weekends). Before going to work, during your lunch break or after work: just pick your time and start improving your English!

Online Business English teachers

When you choose to enroll in the Business English course, you get private lessons with native-English teachers who are specialized in Business English. Some of our teachers come from the business world and can even give you their input from a professional point of view. You can get help to rehearse a presentation, work specifically on a business meeting you need to prepare, or discuss technical topics linked to your job or your industry.

With the Premium course, one of the great advantages is that you can bring your own material (in full confidentiality).

Business English Workbook

As well as Business English lessons based on current affairs and business related issues, when you enroll on the Business English course, you get access to a free workbook, that we have designed especially for you. It covers 20 Business English topics through key vocabulary, questions related to a specific business topic and a practical case study to apply what you’ve learned.

You can choose to use the workbook for lessons if you want to cover a broad range of business English themes.

Here are some of the business topics covered in the Workbook:

  • Meetings
  • Planning a Budget
  • Reading financial statements
  • Investments
  • Banking
  • etc.

Fill out your detail and get for free a sample unit from our Business English workbook.

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Business English blog

Feel free to check out our Business English blog to improve your skills: different business English topics are covered through videos and articles. Resources from business news, articles, videos will help you improve your vocabulary and fluency in Business English.

Take our Business English test and evaluate where you currently stand with business English.