The four English communication skills have been constantly researched by book writers and teachers all around the world. These skills have been subject of many different analyses and studies. It’s undeniable how important they are for anyone trying to learn a new language.

Lack of efficiency in the use of English communication skills can lead to different types of problems such as:

  • Not being able to convey your ideas because of an intelligible pronunciation.
  • Producing disorganized sentences with a completely different meaning.
  • Not being able to figure out the meaning of a word by looking at the context.

You will need to train your English communication skills on a daily basis if you want your English to be more understandable for native speakers.
Knowing that English communication skills are speaking, listening, reading and writing and that there are a handful of ways someone can train each. We will now give you some recommendations to make your English skills training more regular and efficient.

English Communication Skills: Be Aware of What You Are Doing

Many people start training their skills but do not focus on what they are doing or what they want to achieve. If you don’t pay close attention to the development of your skills you won’t be able to correct common mistakes and you’ll keep committing them constantly. Don’t just imitate the language you receive, try to pay close attention to the details in order to reinforce your strengths and spot your weaknesses.

Don’t Practice With Only One Accent

This is a common issue when people practice their listening skill, they get too accustomed to one specific accent and then they aren’t able to understand others. Some English accents can be very different from what we know as “standard” English, especially in certain countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and some cities from England or in the South of the USA.

When Practicing Your Writing Skill, Don’t Limit Yourself to One Topic

Writing is also a very important English communication skill. If you want to look professional and be regarded as a proficient English speaker then you’ll have to get rid of all your flaws and grammatical errors.
Reading and writing are excellent skills to learn new vocabulary, that’s the reason you should not lock your training routines inside the same topic all the time. Varying is very important if you want to acquire new vocabulary on different topics. If you don’t use the new words you learn in your daily writings, then you won’t be able to master their use and you may forget them after some time.
It also happens with reading, you may like a topic very much but if you don’t try reading other topics you will only master that one topic you like.

Being In Contact With A Native English Speaker Is The Best Way

There is no better way to train your English communication skills than practicing with someone who’s first language is English. Here in all our tutors are native English speakers with years of experience in the teaching of this language as a foreign language.
You won’t only be able to master the skills you’re already good at, you’ll also be able to learn common expressions and slang which are used in day-to-day English as well.
Our native English tutors are always available for you. You can take a look at our tutors’ info and see if you have something in common with them. You can schedule your first session via Skype for free!

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