English Level Test

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Part 1: Grammar and Vocabulary

1. My father ______ a doctor.

is are have go

2. Hi, I'm Paul and this is ______ wife Kathy.

her our my they

3. She ______ fish.

don't eat doesn't eat eat don't eats

4. ______ to the radio in the morning?

Listen you Are you listen Do you listen Is listen

5. Please, ______ me a hotel room in Rome.

buy check book call

6. Would you like _______ tea?

some any much many

7. Paul was very ______ when he failed his driving test.

disappointing disappointed appointing appointed

8. I'll let you know when she ______.

will arrive arrive arrived arrives

9. You _______ come if you don't want to.

should must are able to don't have to

10. He likes tennis,_________

is he? did he? doesn't he? didn't he?

11. There are two buses to London. You can take ______.

each either two all

12. This car ______ in Japan by Toyota.

has manufactured manufactures manufactured was manufactured

13. I'm looking forward ______ you.

to seeing seeing to see and see

14. If you don't know his phone number, you can look it ______ in the phone book.

for up down after

Part 2: Reading Comprehension

What's in a name?

Recently, a couple in New Zealand were forbidden from naming their baby son 4Real. Even though New Zealand has quite liberal rules about naming children, names beginning with a number are not allowed. They decided to call him Superman instead.

In many countries around the world, unusual names for children are becoming more popular, especially since the increasing trend for celebrities to give their children wacky names. In Britain, you can call a child almost anything you like, the only restrictions on parents relate to offensive words such as swear words.(...)
1. A New Zealand couple recently named their son 4Real.

true false doesn't say

2. There are no rules about what you can name your child in Britain.

true false doesn't say

3. What is the closest synonym to the word 'wacky' (paragraph 2)?

beautiful ugly unusual awful

Part 3: Listening Comprehension

Please play the following video and answer the questions:

1. What is the most expensive toy?

Playschool MP3 player Leap frog My 1st computer the camera the LCD picture frame

2. These toys are available now because

summer is coming it's the new year they are good for birthday presents the holidays are coming

3. Are any of the toys suitable for parents?

Yes No Doesn't say