With Live-English.net, you can improve your spoken English by regularly learning with our native-English teachers. By Skype or by phone, our English conversation lessons are adapted to your needs, you will learn faster on topics that are relevant to you.

Spoken English course online

In a nutshell, here are the advantages of our English conversation lessons online:

♦ You get to learn from personalized topics based on your needs, level and centers of interest
♦ You can choose the accent of your teacher
♦ We can provide several different teachers if you need
Material is provided for the lesson

Speak English fluently

Feel confident speaking English with family and friends while travelling or with business partners or colleagues. You have the option to take lessons by Skype or by phone to improve your oral skills from the convenience of your home.

Who can take conversation lessons online

People with already a basic level of English will gain the greatest advantage of our English speaking courses. The lessons are 100% in English, it's the best way to improve your English! The topics of the lessons are defined according to your level, your objectives and your centers of interest. It's the perfect solution if you want to speak English fluently and access a teacher at your convenience. Our personalized learning solution is ideal for people who want to improve their spoken English to be able to have a regular conversation in English.

Our teachers are all experienced and native-English speakers so that you can learn more about different cultures from the English-speaking world. They are from different backgrounds and experiences. Check out the best English teacher we have selected for you!

How do English conversation lessons take place

To get started with your Spoken English course online, you need to book a lesson via the Member Area. When it's time for the lesson, the teacher calls you on Skype or on your phone depending on what you chose. We recommend you to be connected a few minutes before the time of the lesson to avoid any delay.

If it's your first lesson, you get to introduce yourself and discuss your objectives and what interests you with your teacher. It's usually done during the free trial lesson.

There's a wide-range of topics that are covered. The lessons are often based on an article from the news or a video (TED, YouTube) sent before the lesson. The main goal is to encourage you to work on your English around topics you find interesting so that you can expand your English vocabulary, you can speak fluently and you can review vocabulary and grammar points that you went through in the past.

If you practice regularly, your oral skills will improve quickly.

One session a week will help you maintain your level. It's a good pace for people who already have a good level because they spent some time in an English-speaking country and don't want to lose it.
Two sessions of 45 min or three sessions of 30 min a week will give you a good push to improve.

Why choose Live-English.net to learn conversational English

With Live-English.net, you choose experience and quality. For more than 10 years, thousands of students around the world came to us so that we could help them speak English fluently. We are specialised in teaching English as a foreign language. The teachers we offer are fully qualified and get regular trainings from us. They all come from English-speaking countries.

On top of that, at Live-English.net, you will never be a number. Each student gets personal attention. You can choose one teacher or 2-3 teachers if you want to learn with teachers of different accents or backgrounds.

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