Learn English by telephone with a native-English teacher. It is very convenient and you just need a landline to get started.

Are the English lessons by telephone for me?

With Live-English.net, you have the choice between English lessons by Skype and English lessons by telephone.

English lessons by telephone are usually advised to people with a good level of English (upper-intermediate of advanced levels - if your level lower, we highly recommend English lessons by Skype for more interactive lessons)

Learning English by telephone

♦ It's a great way to prepare for a phone call in English or a teleconference.

♦ There are no hidden fees, your English teacher calls you to a landline.

♦ Telephone English lessons are only 30 min, so you can always fit them in in your busy schedule.

♦ Material is sent to you by email before your telephone English lesson.

♦ You can learn English by phone at home, in the office or anywhere else in the world!

Start your English lessons by telephone

Don't waste time and money to go to an English school and start learning English by phone: check out our different offers for Telephone English Lessons.

Our online English teachers are friendly and professional to help you learning English by telephone in the best conditions.

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