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Business English Test

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Part 1: Business Vocabulary

1. I went to the bank to ________ some money.

fill in withdraw pay out credit

2. At the end of the meeting don't forget to send the _______ by email to all the attendees.

reporting account feedback minutes

3. Our advertising agency made this _______ for Microsoft. It was a successful TV campaign.

commercial advertising publicity classified ad

4. He has a good job and lots of _______ : he has a company cars, free meals and even free VIP tickets to soccer games!

advantage perks promotions notices

5. Hiring summer interns from the university continues to be a ________ situation with students gaining valuable real world experience and businesses receiving the benefit of employees with cutting edge technical skills.

creative growing difficult win-win

6. Our insurance ________ helped us have better coverage for our car and our home.

broker partner officer sollicitor

7. Scandinavians are the largest __________ of rye.

eaters consumers purchasers takers

8. The ________ is the highest ranked person in a business organization, ultimately responsible for taking managerial decisions


9. The men planned to sell the toys on the _______ market

blue red black pink

10. the salesmen spend most of their time making ___________ calls on perfect strangers

rainy windy cold dry

11. He plans to invest in the ____________.

bond share stock market future

12. Hardware sales have ____________ in the last 4 years: there's hardly anyone buying hardware now.

plummeted increased skyrocketed boomed

13. It's time to _________ a new senior manager for the company.

advise visit fire recruit

14. To purchase her new house, she put down a hundred thousand in cash and took out a __________ for the rest

mortgage discount loan debt

Part 2: Business Reading Comprehension

Chinese cars to enter European markets

China's Chery Quantam auto has unveiled the design of its first car which it hopes will break new ground in Europe. The model, Qoros, is the result of a joint venture between China's biggest car manufacturer and investment firm Israel Corp. The makers aim to reverse a trend and export Chinese cars to Western Europe. It will hit European and Chinese markets by late 2013.

1. China's biggest car manufacturer wants to import cars from Europe

true false

2. The manufacturer only wants to market the Chinese market

true false

3. What is a joint venture

a purchase a partnership a merger an acquisition

Part 3: Listening Comprehension on business topics

Please play the following video and answer the questions:

(Based on a video posted on our blog)
1. What is the main problem that companies face as regard to the competitive environment?

They're not prepared to change strategy
They don't believe that the competitive environment is changing
They don't have time to think about it
It's too difficult to find a new strategy

2. What is the consequence of changing strategy?

failure might still occur
you need to invest a lot of money to succeed
the senior executives need to be changed
the organization needs to change as well

3. What is the danger of success?

people become complacent
people want to change all the time
people want more management