Formal English vs. Informal English

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Formal English and Informal English differ in the tone, and the usage of English. When do you use Formal English and when do you use Informal English? Formal English Usually when we talk about the two kinds of English it is in the context of writing.  Formal English is used when writing a report, e-mail or a business communication.  When you … Read More

CAE Writing Section

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The CAE writing section tests your ability to write English in a clear and concise manner. You have to write with proper grammar and spelling. There are two parts of the test. The test lasts one hour and a half. CAE Writing Section: Part One Part one of the test is a compulsory question, that is you have to answer it. It consists … Read More

FCE Writing test

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In the FCE writing test you will be expected to write a general (non-technical) text for a specific purpose.  This means writing an article, an email, an essay, a letter, a report, a review or a story to meet the requirements of the question.  As always, to prepare for the FCE writing test, the best advice is practice. Know the … Read More

How are your business writing skills?

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As we promised a few months ago, at, we are trying to get closer to your needs and to help you improve English in an efficient and fun way. After our successful General English writing course, we are now launching a business writing course. The course is based on 6 written assigments around the following topics: 1. How to … Read More

It's like writing but fun

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Here is a very easy way to make your writing immediately more interesting. In English, we start most sentences with a subject.  This is usually a person or a thing.  But sometimes, we want to talk about an activity.  The easiest way to make your sentences more interesting is to add some variety to the way that you make them. … Read More

A great way to practice your writing in English

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Most people understand that the best way to improve a skill is to practice.  How to practice a skill when it comes to learning languages is not always so obvious.  I would like to suggest a novel way to practice your writing in English. It is fun, it is modern and it is great practice. It is called blogging. These … Read More

Acing the writing in IELTS

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When people write IELTS tips on forums, I often see the advice to do the second writing task first because it is easier.  I think that this is good advice if you are doing IELTS for the first time and just trying to get as high a score as you can.  If you are looking to break the 6.5 barrier though, it … Read More