Top 15 English terms in IT

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Have you ever encountered IT terms in English and you were not exactly sure about their meaning?  Too confused about how to say these important terms in English? Here are a few of the the most important IT terms and what they are used for. Some English words used in IT 1. Applet – a small program that is designed … Read More

Tips to Increase your English Vocabulary

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Tips to Increase your English Vocabulary

When you are learning any foreign language, you have to work on it every day. In this way, each new word that you learn becomes yours.  On the average, you need to use a word seven times so it will move from short term memory into long term memory. Learn new words through a text or an article There are many … Read More

The secret to FCE vocabulary

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FCE Vocabulary

How extensive is your English vocabulary? Have you ever wondered how many words you know? What is the difference between passively knowing a word and being able to use it in a sentence? The secret to remembering vocabulary for good The answer here is collocations. A collocation is a set of words that are often used together. For example, we … Read More

The top 3 tips for the TOEIC listening section

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tips for the TOEIC listening section

Don’t spend your time studying what you know Isolate your weak points.  When you are practicing, find the parts that you do not understand and focus on these.  You may not understand them because of the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or contractions used.  Maybe they used a new combination of words or maybe they spoke faster than you are used to. … Read More

Unemployment vocabulary: Good news for Germany!

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Listening for the gist of a story is good practice.  Try listening to this newscast and ask yourself, what is the main issue this newscast is about?  What problems does this issue cause? Now listen again but listen for the following and think about what they mean: …for the fourth month running. The country is suffering from… …adjusted for seasonal … Read More

How to remember English vocabulary

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One of the most common questions that I get from students who have been studying English for a while is what is the easiest way to memorize vocabulary?  Understanding how our memories work is important.  Once you know how the job is done, there are some steps that you can take to make it easier. Your brain is not a … Read More