What is the Future of IT?

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The future of IT is now. There is more data now than ever and the job of IT professionals is to help collect, store and analyze. There are different kinds of data and many ways to store and collect data.   More people use data and programs, not only at work, but also on the move with their smartphones.   … Read More

A Day in the Life of a Civil Engineer

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When I was growing up, I had always heard about the Engineer. He was the one who drove the train, and that was the definition that we learned in school. Now, however, the profession is much larger and more interesting. There are different kind of engineers. You have to go to engineering school, and then take additional tests.  View this video and … Read More

Prices and the Economy

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Professor Paul Cwik brings us a new perspective about the economy and prices. Every society  has to solve the problems of production and distribution.  Which products do we produce? How does the society as a whole decide which is the most desirable.  Dr. Cwik teaches us guidelines that every society uses to determine the answers. Watch this video for enlightenment. Questions What … Read More

Is the cost of living really rising?

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According the Professor Steve Horowitz, the cost of living is actually going down.  Workers can buy what they want with much less time worked now than in the 1970’s. This is not a new concept.  Actually, I found it in Mark Twain’s fiction book, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Author’s Court.”  He compares the amount of work that a person needs to … Read More

Max Marty and the new Silicon Valley

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Max Marty has a wonderful idea to help start-ups to integrate into Silicon Valley. Start your business on a boat that is floating 10 km out in San Francisco Bay. View and pay attention to this video, it just might be the model for more types of business start-ups in the future!   Video Quiz What advantages do you see with this type … Read More

Bank of America looks to slash 16,000 Jobs and other news

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Even though there is talk of an economic recovery, the recent news from Bloomberg sees things differently. View this video for more details. Usually in an election year, the incumbent candidate points to how he has lowered taxes and made the ecomony better. This year however the opposite is true. Bank of America, the flagship bank in the United States … Read More

Five Reasons to get the iPhone 5

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It is always fun to go out and get the latest technical gadget. You can set up your files again, this time making them more organized, you can organize your pictures by date and you can just have fun exploring all the new apps that come with the phone. When I got my new phone, I spent at least a … Read More

Walmart brings back Layaway to boost Holiday Sales

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What is Layaway?  This is when you choose an item in the store, but you don’t have the money right now to pay for the full amount. Instead, you pay some now, and then when you have more money, you go back to the store and pay more.  When you have paid the full amount then you can finally take … Read More

Mixed Business benefits from the London Olympics

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Watch this video about the benefits of the London Olympics. One might think that if the Olympics came to your town, that the benefits would be amazing! So many people in town, would want to eat and go shopping. Answer the following questions according to the video: How much business was done in London this year? In what sector were … Read More