How do the American Elections work?

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Every four years American all over the world vote for who will be their President for the next four years. Elections years are very important, so it is best to understand exactly how this system works.  It is based on the electoral College and population of the state. There are many political parties in the United States, but only two … Read More

Relocating to the USA

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Relocating to the USA is a big change.  It can be intimidating thinking about getting a new job in another country, finding somewhere to live, schools etc.  Here are some steps to making sure that the relocation process goes smoothly: Be prepared when you relocate to the USA – Start to plan 3-4 months before you intend to move as … Read More

Business news: Markets Sell Off on S&P Downgrade

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Here is a good example of a current news report.  To improve your listening, the best thing is practice, so listen to this article twice.  Then we will go through the vocabulary and some phrases. Vocabulary Tumbling (v) – falling quickly Opening bell (n) – the start of the market day Amid (prep) – at the same time as A … Read More