TOEIC vs TOEFL Which test should I take?

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TOEIC vs TOEFL Which test should I take

What is the difference?  Which one should I take?  Thousands of people scour the web for information to answer these questions each and every week. TOEIC vs TOEFL: a little bit of Background TOEIC and TOEFL are both English language tests that test your ability to produce and understand t he English language.  Both are produced by ETS which is … Read More

TOEIC speaking tips

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TOEIC officials are not allowed to give tips and suggestions to the public about the TOEIC exam but if they were, they may say something like this; “I want to understand you” This means that you need to speak clearly and at an appropriate speed.  You need to know if you are difficult to understand because you speak too fast … Read More

How are people liking the new TOEIC?

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It has been 5 years since the introduction of the new-look TOEIC test so how are people taking to the change? First, let’s take a look at what the differences are.  We start with the division of the skills into two tests.  The new TOEIC has two tests; the listening and reading test and the speaking and writing test.  So, … Read More

The top 3 tips for the TOEIC listening section

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tips for the TOEIC listening section

Don’t spend your time studying what you know Isolate your weak points.  When you are practicing, find the parts that you do not understand and focus on these.  You may not understand them because of the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or contractions used.  Maybe they used a new combination of words or maybe they spoke faster than you are used to. … Read More