Mastering the TOEFL iBT listening test

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Improving your listening skills will help your ability to have a fun and effective conversation but it is especially important if you plan to undertake the challenge of a listening test like the TOEFL iBT listening test.  The secret to improving your listening skills is active listening and comprehension. Comprehension Communication is the sharing of ideas between two people and … Read More

Top 3 tips for the TOEFL iBT speaking section

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To get the best score possible in the test, you should know a bit about how it will be evaluated.  So, here are the top three tips from ETS. Know how the TOEFL iBT speaking section works The speaking section of the TOEFL iBT includes six tasks.  You will wear headphones and speak into a microphone. Your responses will be … Read More

Improve your English conversation, be a HIG!

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How good are you at chatting? Not in English, just in general. Are you a chatty person who always becomes the life of the party or are you a quiet person who prefers to think than speak? In linguistics (the study of languages) there is a term for people who are chatty and like to engage in conversation and as a … Read More

TOEIC speaking tips

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TOEIC officials are not allowed to give tips and suggestions to the public about the TOEIC exam but if they were, they may say something like this; “I want to understand you” This means that you need to speak clearly and at an appropriate speed.  You need to know if you are difficult to understand because you speak too fast … Read More

The top 3 tips for the TOEIC listening section

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Don’t spend your time studying what you know Isolate your weak points.  When you are practicing, find the parts that you do not understand and focus on these.  You may not understand them because of the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or contractions used.  Maybe they used a new combination of words or maybe they spoke faster than you are used to. … Read More

Getting that dream job overseas

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Interviewing for a job overseas can be a different story to interviewing in your own country.  So, here is the guide to getting that job when you haven’t even seen the company yet. Do your homework if you want to succeed When you interview for an overseas company, you will not be able to see the building, meet a lot … Read More

Taking your English to the next level

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When learning a language, people  tend to progress in bursts.  This means that there will be times that you feel like you are really learning fast and other times when you seem to plateau.  The reason for this plateau is not quite clear although I would like to suggest a couple of theories and ways to combat this and take … Read More

Acing the writing in IELTS

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When people write IELTS tips on forums, I often see the advice to do the second writing task first because it is easier.  I think that this is good advice if you are doing IELTS for the first time and just trying to get as high a score as you can.  If you are looking to break the 6.5 barrier though, it … Read More