BULATS Speaking Test

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The Bulats Speaking test has three main parts.  This test is designed to test you on your ability to think fast and to speak English fluently. In order to pass this test, you should practice speaking about the topics that will be covered in the test.   Bulats Speaking Test: Part 1 The first part of the test is an … Read More

Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE) – Speaking Section

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The Speaking section of the Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE) tests your ability to speak English in different situations. CPE speaking section: first part The first part is an interview section. You talk about a common topic on your own. A sample topic could be about how important English is in your country, or how important is modern technology in your country. … Read More

CAE Speaking Test

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The CAE Speaking test is designed to test your ability to speak English in a conversational format. You will be tested with two or three other candidates, two Cambridge examiners will be with you, one who will ask the questions, and one who will score your speaking ability. In order to practice for this exam it is best to work … Read More

First Certificate in English exam (FCE) – speaking test

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The FCE is a very popular English exam from Cambridge. Today, we’re going to go through the speaking part. The FCE speaking test lasts about 14 minutes and candidates are interviewed in pairs. The times below may be a little different if there are an odd number of candidates and you are in the group of three that are interviewed together. … Read More

Top 3 tips for the TOEFL iBT speaking section

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To get the best score possible in the test, you should know a bit about how it will be evaluated.  So, here are the top three tips from ETS. Know how the TOEFL iBT speaking section works The speaking section of the TOEFL iBT includes six tasks.  You will wear headphones and speak into a microphone. Your responses will be … Read More

TOEIC speaking tips

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TOEIC officials are not allowed to give tips and suggestions to the public about the TOEIC exam but if they were, they may say something like this; “I want to understand you” This means that you need to speak clearly and at an appropriate speed.  You need to know if you are difficult to understand because you speak too fast … Read More

Getting the score you want on IELTS speaking

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IELTS is a popular exam for people who want to live, work or study in an English speaking country.  Good results come from good training so here are some ways to train for this event. IELTS speaking Part One:  Introduction and Interview Write three-minute speeches and practice speaking for three minutes on each of the following topics: My home town … Read More