The Cambridge Proficiency Listening Exam

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The Listening section of the Cambridge Proficiency Exam tests your ability to understand a variety of spoken subjects. You are tested with another person, who you may not know at all. There are two examiners, one will ask the questions and the other listens and takes notes. There are four parts of the exam. The first part of the exam is short … Read More

CAE Listening Test

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The CAE listening test is an advanced English test. This test is designed to test your listening skills in English at a level so that you will feel comfortable in all types of everyday activities listening to native English speakers. The recordings are all of British speakers, so practice by listening to recordings from the UK. Get used to different … Read More

The FCE listening test

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The best way to prepare for any of the major language exams is to become familiar with the structure of the test and then do some practice tests until you are comfortable with them. The structure of the FCE listening test Getting to know the test structure means knowing what kind of dialogue/monologue you will hear.  In the FCE listening … Read More

Mastering the TOEFL iBT listening test

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Improving your listening skills will help your ability to have a fun and effective conversation but it is especially important if you plan to undertake the challenge of a listening test like the TOEFL iBT listening test.  The secret to improving your listening skills is active listening and comprehension. Comprehension Communication is the sharing of ideas between two people and … Read More

What are the expected business trends 2012?

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Listening to catch the information that you need is a great skill that you can apply both in academic tests like TOEFL and IELTS but also in real life too.  You may think that catching information is difficult when the person speaks faster but if you can do it with a fast-paced news video, then you can do it in … Read More

Advice from celebrity entrepreneurs

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Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business?  Are you thinking about or planning a new business right now?  Here are some really inspirational messages from celebrity entrepreneurs that you should take on board. To practice your listening comprehension at the same time, listen to the video just one time to get the gist of the discussions.  Then, have … Read More

Do ya get what I'm saying?

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How good is your English?  How do you measure your skill?  Do you talk about how well you speak, how well you can write a letter?  How well you understand what other people are saying?  Learning a language is made of many different skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing but also grammatical structure, vocabulary and general communication skill.  Dividing … Read More

The top 3 tips for the TOEIC listening section

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tips for the TOEIC listening section

Don’t spend your time studying what you know Isolate your weak points.  When you are practicing, find the parts that you do not understand and focus on these.  You may not understand them because of the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or contractions used.  Maybe they used a new combination of words or maybe they spoke faster than you are used to. … Read More

Unemployment vocabulary: Good news for Germany!

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Listening for the gist of a story is good practice.  Try listening to this newscast and ask yourself, what is the main issue this newscast is about?  What problems does this issue cause? Now listen again but listen for the following and think about what they mean: …for the fourth month running. The country is suffering from… …adjusted for seasonal … Read More

IELTS listening tips

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With a lot of students studying overseas and people moving to live in other countries, IELTS is becoming a popular test.  The best advice that I can give you for succeeding in the IELTS listening test is practice, practice, practice. How to prepare for the IELTS listening part And when you practice, here are some good habits to build: 1)      … Read More