Business English to improve your intonation

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This video on whether tax incentives are effective in encouraging innovation is a good example of how people speak in a natural way when they are the only person speaking.  It is useful to listen to the rhythm with which the speaker speaks and which words they stress more than the others. Intonation Remember that English is a stress-timed language so if … Read More

Asking questions in English

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How to ask questions in English

Think about how boring your language would be if everyone spoke the same way.  If there were only one way of saying everything and if you didn’t say it that way, you were just plain wrong.  People would not be able to express their personalities and conversations would be a lot more boring. So, we have a few different ways … Read More

Business English: Chinese cars to enter European markets

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 Because I am a car fan, here is a story about the car industry.  Listen to the sentences and fill in the missing words.  The missing words might be new to you but try to guess the word(s) and how to spell them.  This is very good practice to help you deal with new words. Listening practice China’s Chery … Read More

Mastering the TOEFL iBT listening test

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Improving your listening skills will help your ability to have a fun and effective conversation but it is especially important if you plan to undertake the challenge of a listening test like the TOEFL iBT listening test.  The secret to improving your listening skills is active listening and comprehension. Comprehension Communication is the sharing of ideas between two people and … Read More

Improving your pronunciation

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Improving your English pronunciation is all about practice.  Most people practice by taking individual sounds that they have trouble with and practicing them in isolation (alone).  If you do this though, it is important to then practice them in real words and sentences.  Do not just do isolation practice or it will not help you to change your habit to the correct … Read More