How to Handle Business Meetings in English if English is Not Your Mother Tongue

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Business Meetings in English

Meetings in English are not uncommon for a businessman. English is the most important business language so it can be a drawback for any company with international relationships doesn’t have employees and senior staff able to speak English fluently. Why are Business Meetings in English so challenging? If you’re already part of a company possibly you’ve been witness some business … Read More

How to handle a meeting in English with your IT team

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IT meetings can be very stressful.  Many IT teams are made up of members from all over the world, and the only language that everyone can communicate in common is in English. Your team may have members from England, French, Austria or even the Czech Republic. IT meetings in English Holding an IT meeting is similar to other types of … Read More

All-English business meetings are coming

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The English language is now considered to be the lingua franca of the business world.  This means that when representatives from two countries meet, the chances are that if the meeting is not in one of the two languages, it will be an English business meeting.  English is the median language. In Japan, one company is taking it even further … Read More