American Authors of the 20th Century

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There were many American authors in the 20th century that were very important and helped change the way we view literature and conversly ourselves. In the 19th century, word count and long descriptive passages describing the scenery, and how people were dressed was the norm. It was as if people thought, why say something simply in one sentence when fifteen sentences … Read More

TOEFL iBT grammar

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One of the things that can help you to get a better score with the grammar in the TOEFL iBT  is understanding that it only tests American grammar.  This means that if you have been exposed to both American and British English dialects, it would help to know some of the differences. There is no TOEFL iBT grammar section Where … Read More

Improving your American accent

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Ever wanted to sound like an American?   Here are three rules that will help you to improve your American accent and impress your friends.  Read through the rules and practice saying the words with these rules.  But most importantly, keep your ears open and try to tell if someone that you meet comes from the UK or the US. … Read More