How to Handle Business Meetings in English if English is Not Your Mother Tongue

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Business Meetings in English

Meetings in English are not uncommon for a businessman. English is the most important business language so it can be a drawback for any company with international relationships doesn’t have employees and senior staff able to speak English fluently. Why are Business Meetings in English so challenging? If you’re already part of a company possibly you’ve been witness some business … Read More

30 Useful Sentences for a Job Interview in English

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Key Sentences for a Job Interview in English

One of the most critical moments in anyone’s career is when they have to face a job interview. It can be especially challenging if you have a job interview in English and you haven’t practiced English so much lately. Yet, there’s no reason to be nervous. The key to succeed in a job interview in English is the same one … Read More

Meet Liz, American English teacher from Vermont

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American English Teacher Liz

As part of our series about our online teachers, please meet Liz, from Vermont, USA. (LEN): Can you tell me about your home town? I am originally from the state of Vermont in the United States. The town where I grew up is called Sharon. It is a very small town with a population of only 1,500 people. It … Read More

How Private English Lessons are Exactly What you Need

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Private English Lessons

Usually when people want to learn English, the first choice they consider is enrolling in a language school where they can attend group lessons. The number of students in a classroom can go from only 5 or 6 students to 15 or even more. However, the most popular method isn’t always the best. There are many other options which have … Read More

This Week’s Top 10 Articles To Learn English Taken From The News (2017 – Week 25)

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News Articles in English

This week, we have a broad range of articles taken from different news websites. You will be able to discuss these topics with our teachers. Pick one, read it and let your teacher know before the lesson what article you want to talk about. ——————– Current Affairs What happens when mom and dad face deportation From: Level: Suitable for … Read More

IELTS preparation: our advice to succeed

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IELTS Preparation

If you’re studying English or have studied it in the past then you must certainly have heard about the IELTS or IELTS preparation. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and it’s one of the most important tests regarding international English use. If you want to study or find a working visa in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the … Read More

How to Start a Successful Presentation in English even though your English is a bit rusty

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Presentation in English

One of the targets many people aim when learning English is to gather the abilities required in order to give a complete presentation in English. This is usually where students feel a lot of pressure, they need to use the new language properly and also organize and remember the ideas they want to convey usually during a pre-established tight period … Read More

Learning English Online: Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts

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Learning English Online

People are very sceptical about learning English online. It’s normal to have fears and doubts about non-conventional ways of learning. The main reasons why people aren’t 100% convinced about this method of learning are: They think having class sessions online isn’t as serious as attending to a physical school where you’ll be surrounded by other students Time is also one … Read More