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The blog to help you with your English

What is your cost of living? Where can you live at a certain level, and not pay too much? Before you decide to move to another country, you need to take into account your day to day expenses.   How much is the rent, food, electricity, transportation?   Will you need to work?   Do Senior … Read more

The American Dream

October 25th, 2012 | Posted by Rachael and Stephanie in Culture - (0 Comments)

What is the American Dream? The American dream is that everyone, regardless of their social position is entitled to succeed in life. The United States was founded upon the ideal that there was no fixed social position. Anyone could become famous and successful. There are many examples about people who started out with nothing, from … Read more

Max Marty has a wonderful idea to help start-ups to integrate into Silicon Valley. Start your business on a boat that is floating 10 km out in San Francisco Bay. View and pay attention to this video, it just might be the model for more types of business start-ups in the future!   Video Quiz What advantages do … Read more

Visiting South Africa

October 25th, 2012 | Posted by Rachael and Stephanie in Traveling - (0 Comments)

South Africa is a lush, green with the most incredible weather you could  want. What is amazing about South Africa is the weather conditions, where it is never too hot and never too rainy. South Africa is known for the Kalahari Desert and the Kruger National Park. One of the favorite animals are the giraffes, there are … Read more

The Speaking section of the Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE) tests your ability to speak English in different situations. CPE speaking section: first part The first part is an interview section. You talk about a common topic on your own. A sample topic could be about how important English is in your country, or how important is … Read more

A trip to New York

October 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Rachael and Stephanie in Traveling - (0 Comments)

You are on your way to New York City. There is a lot to see and to do there! Expect to spend a least a week in New York. You will want to go to the famous restaurants, see at least two or three museums, take a walk in Central Park and go to the site … Read more

Even though there is talk of an economic recovery, the recent news from Bloomberg sees things differently. View this video for more details. Usually in an election year, the incumbent candidate points to how he has lowered taxes and made the ecomony better. This year however the opposite is true. Bank of America, the flagship … Read more

Top American Universities

October 18th, 2012 | Posted by Rachael and Stephanie in Culture - (0 Comments)

It is time again for University students to start the new semester. A college education is very important in the modern world. Most professions expect applicants to have at least a BA and many require further study. The competition for jobs is mirrored in the competition of universities for the top students. Since you are … Read more

The Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE) – new version is being introduced in 2013 to better meet the needs of employeers, Univerisities and Immigration. This test certifies that the student knows English at Level C2, the highest level. If you pass this test, you can be sure that you can deal with any situation in English, … Read more

Every four years American all over the world vote for who will be their President for the next four years. Elections years are very important, so it is best to understand exactly how this system works.  It is based on the electoral College and population of the state. There are many political parties in the … Read more