Tips to Increase your English Vocabulary

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When you are learning any foreign language, you have to work on it every day. In this way, each new word that you learn becomes yours.  On the average, you need to use a word seven times so it will move from short term memory into long term memory. Learn new words through a text or an article There are many … Read More

Are Business Trips really necessary?

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In the past a business trip was really necessary because there is only so much that you can do on the phone. Business partners always want to expand their businesses and sending a high level employee was often the only way to get the contract. Often, business travel was between cities in the same country so a business trip was usually a … Read More

Alfred Hitchcock

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Alfred Hitchcock was one of the pioneers of the Psychological Thriller genre. He used many different plot devices to get the viewer interested in the characters, and then often used a surprise ending. He is lauded as the most famous filmmaker in the British Cinema. He started out in the silent film era, designing the titles for the silent films. It … Read More

Doing Business in English

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English is the International language of Business. English is the primary language used when people from different countries meet to buy and sell, wholesale, or Business to Business. Many businesses in Europe require their sales personnel to take The Cambridge English tests such as the BULATS, or the CAE as a before interviewing for a sales job. English is ranked … Read More

A Day in the Life of a Civil Engineer

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When I was growing up, I had always heard about the Engineer. He was the one who drove the train, and that was the definition that we learned in school. Now, however, the profession is much larger and more interesting. There are different kind of engineers. You have to go to engineering school, and then take additional tests.  View this video and … Read More

What to do in Belfast

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Belfast speaks English with a Irish broge, that is the unique accent of Ireland. It brings to mind the fairy tales of Ireland and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is the jewel of Ireland, on the harbor which launched many ships in its day. Visiting Belfast is a must if you want to learn … Read More

How to Type in English

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Do you find yourself still hunting and pecking for the letters on the computer keyboard? A  lot of people need to write for their jobs at work, but have never had the time to take a typing course. Yet, you feel like you are still a beginner when it comes to filling out forms on the computer and interfacing with the … Read More