Rachael, American teacher on Skype at Live-English.net (interview)

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Today we’re meeting Rachael, one of our American online teachers at Live-English.net. Live-English.net (LEN): Can you tell me about your home town? Rachael (R): I was born in Syracuse New York, in the Upstate area, but we moved to Los Angeles because my father who worked in Aerospace engineering didn’t want to deal with the 6 foot snow falls all … Read More

BULATS Reading test

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The BULATS reading test is a good way to get an idea of your reading comprehension ability. The Internet based test is interactive just like the rest of the BULATS tests, giving you harder texts and questions based upon your previous answers. BULATS Reading test: part 1 Part One is  a long text, about 250 words about a factual subject.  There are lots of … Read More

Meet Rachelle, online English teacher from the UK (interview)

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At Live-English.net, we have many online English teachers. Meet one of them today: Rachelle from Brighton. Live-English.net (LEN): Can you tell me about your home town? Rachelle (R): I come from Brighton and Hove England. It is a city on the south coast, only 55 minutes by train from London. The city is very beautiful with a mixture of Regency, … Read More

Traveling to Philadelphia

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Based on an Interview with Harriet, a Philadelphia native. Philadelphia is the major city of the State of Pennsylvania, on the East coast of the United States. It was founded in 1682 by William Penn. Philadelphia went on to be the main port of the American Colonies, after Boston. The name Philadelphia means: The City of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia in History … Read More

BULATS Speaking Test

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The Bulats Speaking test has three main parts.  This test is designed to test you on your ability to think fast and to speak English fluently. In order to pass this test, you should practice speaking about the topics that will be covered in the test.   Bulats Speaking Test: Part 1 The first part of the test is an … Read More

What is the Future of IT?

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The future of IT is now. There is more data now than ever and the job of IT professionals is to help collect, store and analyze. There are different kinds of data and many ways to store and collect data.   More people use data and programs, not only at work, but also on the move with their smartphones.   … Read More

How to handle a meeting in English with your IT team

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IT meetings can be very stressful.  Many IT teams are made up of members from all over the world, and the only language that everyone can communicate in common is in English. Your team may have members from England, French, Austria or even the Czech Republic. IT meetings in English Holding an IT meeting is similar to other types of … Read More

Top 15 English terms in IT

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Have you ever encountered IT terms in English and you were not exactly sure about their meaning?  Too confused about how to say these important terms in English? Here are a few of the the most important IT terms and what they are used for. Some English words used in IT 1. Applet – a small program that is designed … Read More

The Importance of English for IT people

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The English language is very important for people who are involved in IT. This includes programmers, systems analysts, quality assurance, industrial, scientific and technological development. Most of the business world uses English to communicate internationally and so does IT. Working in English is not unusual for IT staff Many companies outsource or have their workforce spread over a number of … Read More