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Do you find yourself still hunting and pecking for the letters on the computer keyboard? A  lot of people need to write for their jobs at work, but have never had the time to take a typing course. Yet, you feel like you are still a beginner when it comes to filling out forms on the … Read more


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Disneyland was built in Anaheim, California way back in 1955. The park was the only one which was personally designed and built by Walt Disney. He envisioned that people would come to the park to relive his famous animated movies come to life. Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest Disneyland, the park layout The park is … Read more

Prices and the Economy

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Professor Paul Cwik brings us a new perspective about the economy and prices. Every society  has to solve the problems of production and distribution.  Which products do we produce? How does the society as a whole decide which is the most desirable.  Dr. Cwik teaches us guidelines that every society uses to determine the answers. Watch this … Read more

Agatha Christie

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Agatha Christie is known as the Queen of Crime. Her books are translated into numerous languages,  her 66 novels and short story collections have sold over four billion copies world wide since their publication. Biography of Agatha Christie Agatha Christie was born in in 1890 in Turquay Devon, England. She was home schooled and when her … Read more

The BULATS is an English exam that is given by Cambridge ESOL division of Cambridge University. What makes the BULATS different is that it is given in four languages, English, Spanish, French and German. This means that the test questions and the instructions are in your native language. This is important because many students have … Read more

According the Professor Steve Horowitz, the cost of living is actually going down.  Workers can buy what they want with much less time worked now than in the 1970’s. This is not a new concept.  Actually, I found it in Mark Twain’s fiction book, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Author’s Court.”  He compares the amount of work … Read more

Interview with Amilia -former Director of the Westwood Art Association on Westwood Blvd in Los Angeles “I was the Director of the Westwood Art Association when MoMA was being built during the 1970’s. I was very enthusiastic about this project because most other museums at that time would not exhibit Modern Art and there was a … Read more

The Listening section of the Cambridge Proficiency Exam tests your ability to understand a variety of spoken subjects. You are tested with another person, who you may not know at all. There are two examiners, one will ask the questions and the other listens and takes notes. There are four parts of the exam. The first … Read more

As an English teacher, on line I get to “travel” to many different places with my students. I have heard about all sorts of places where people love to visit. A few of my students from Europe like to travel to the United States, not to go shopping in New York, although that is very … Read more

What is your cost of living? Where can you live at a certain level, and not pay too much? Before you decide to move to another country, you need to take into account your day to day expenses.   How much is the rent, food, electricity, transportation?   Will you need to work?   Do Senior … Read more