This Is Why English Communication Skills Are So Crucial

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english communication skills

The four English communication skills have been constantly researched by book writers and teachers all around the world. These skills have been subject of many different analyses and studies. It’s undeniable how important they are for anyone trying to learn a new language. Lack of efficiency in the use of English communication skills can lead to different types of problems … Read More

Expressing your Point of View in an English Conversation

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Expressing your Point of View in an English Conversation

The reason why languages exist is to serve as a vehicle for people who want to pass on their ideas to others. Knowing a language and being able to communicate with others are two different things. In order to communicate properly with others you need to know popular expressions and common uses of the language as well as a good … Read More

Some Interesting Facts about IELTS

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IELTS facts

IELTS is one, if not the most, important test done in order to test the skills a student has in English language. It’s actually required by many institutions and companies over the U.S to start working or taking classes with them. Most foreign people looking forward to have a job in the U.S or studying over there are currently studying … Read More

Business English: Marketing Vocabulary You Need To Know

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Business English Marketing

English is the most popular language in the world. Best known as the universal business language, it’s a major requirement in most (almost all of them) companies that have international relationships. Therefore if you want to take advantage of all your potential in business, you have to be focus on learning Business English. Today we’re going to focus on Business … Read More

A Simple Guide to Use English Numbers Properly in No Time

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Learn English Numbers

Is there anything more important than learning English numbers? Well, maybe yes… However, English numbers are a very important part of language. Not only do they allow us to express quantities (how much we want to buy, how much some owes us, our age, etc.) but they’re also very useful for periods of time. For instance, how would you refer … Read More