Mastering the reading section of IELTS

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Understanding the reading section will go a long way towards getting those extra marks that you need to increase your band. Here are some tips that can help you to do just that. Practice the skills of skimming and scanning The questions do not test your ability to comprehend large chunks of text. They focus on these two skills. Scanning: … Read More

Starting off on the right foot

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September is a good time to start new hobbies or to get back into the activities we were doing before the long summer break. If you still haven’t discovered how can help you significantly improve your English, or if you have friends who would be interested in increasing their confidence in the language, we are putting online a special … Read More

A great way to practice your writing in English

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practice your writing in English

Most people understand that the best way to improve a skill is to practice.  How to practice a skill when it comes to learning languages is not always so obvious.  I would like to suggest a novel way to practice your writing in English. It is fun, it is modern and it is great practice. It is called blogging. These … Read More

Unemployment vocabulary: Good news for Germany!

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Listening for the gist of a story is good practice.  Try listening to this newscast and ask yourself, what is the main issue this newscast is about?  What problems does this issue cause? Now listen again but listen for the following and think about what they mean: …for the fourth month running. The country is suffering from… …adjusted for seasonal … Read More

Acing the writing in IELTS

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When people write IELTS tips on forums, I often see the advice to do the second writing task first because it is easier.  I think that this is good advice if you are doing IELTS for the first time and just trying to get as high a score as you can.  If you are looking to break the 6.5 barrier though, it … Read More

Improving your pronunciation

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Improving your pronunciation

Improving your English pronunciation is all about practice.  Most people practice by taking individual sounds that they have trouble with and practicing them in isolation (alone).  If you do this though, it is important to then practice them in real words and sentences.  Do not just do isolation practice or it will not help you to change your habit to the correct … Read More

Introducing yourself at a job interview in English

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Job Interview in English

Congratulations!  You wrote a stunning resume that made you sound like the solution to every problem in the world, you wrote a fantastic cover letter that concisely stated who you are and what you are looking for and now you have the interview!  That’s great but it’s just the first step.  The next challenge is making the right impression in … Read More

Last day of August

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For those of you who who used their free time in summer to work on their English, we want to tell you that it was great learning with you! For those of you who decided to take a break from your learning sessions, we hope you had a great time. We would love to catch up with you and get … Read More

IELTS listening tips

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With a lot of students studying overseas and people moving to live in other countries, IELTS is becoming a popular test.  The best advice that I can give you for succeeding in the IELTS listening test is practice, practice, practice. How to prepare for the IELTS listening part And when you practice, here are some good habits to build: 1)      … Read More

How to write a cover letter in English

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Cover letter in english

These days, a brilliant resume filled with great experience and qualifications is just not enough.  You need to be able to summarize these into a cover letter that sells you as a person or no one will bother to read your resume. Writing a cover letter So, how do you write a cover letter that ensures yours is one of … Read More