Business news: Markets Sell Off on S&P Downgrade

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Here is a good example of a current news report.  To improve your listening, the best thing is practice, so listen to this article twice.  Then we will go through the vocabulary and some phrases. Vocabulary Tumbling (v) – falling quickly Opening bell (n) – the start of the market day Amid (prep) – at the same time as A … Read More

Travelling to New Zealand?

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New Zealand is a beautiful country to take a summer vacation or a winter ski trip.  But before you pack your bags, there is one piece of advice that I give to all those who are thinking about going to New Zealand.  Get outdoors! New Zealand is now famous for its beautiful, untouched landscapes thanks to movies like Lord of … Read More

Taking it to the next !

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The question I get from every student at some point is how they can really improve their level. Obviously, we are talking about students who already have a solid basis, but are ambitious to get better. In addition to a couple of private speaking lessons per week with a native speaker I tell them what I’ve learned from the study … Read More

Pick you up at 7

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“Hi Jane, are we still on for the movies tonight?” “Sure pick me up at 7 and maybe on the way back we can drop in on Sally and the gang for a drink.” From standard conversations like this one to more professional conversations native English speakers will constantly be using phrasal verbs to express ideas. The strange thing is … Read More

Excuse me?

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Okay, so you’re understanding and speaking pretty well but you still feel your level is not where you want it to be. How do you keep working and making progress on your English? This is a situation I encounter a lot particularly with business people who have a good level but still find themselves feeling uncomfortable about their English in pressured discussions, often … Read More