How are your business writing skills?

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As we promised a few months ago, at, we are trying to get closer to your needs and to help you improve English in an efficient and fun way.
After our successful General English writing course, we are now launching a business writing course. The course is based on 6 written assigments around the following topics:
1. How to write a CV (check out the sample unit)
2. Cover letters and business letters
3. Business presentations and reports
4. Writing emails for business
5. Writing a meeting agenda
6. Promoting your business in writing.
For each topic, you will be able to send your assignment (even a document that you use for work) and have it corrected by one of our specialized teachers.
The course will start on April 2nd, 2012 and will have limited seats. Register before March 15th and get the early bird price (79€ instead of 99€).

So register now and stay tuned, the course will start in 3 weeks.
To your success,
Stephanie Kable
PS: our General English writing course is still on, find our more about the course
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