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Are you thinking of an English learning holiday? A good way to improve your English is to choose an English speaking country to go to while on vacation. There are many different places to go where you can take English classes and then go see the sights.

Learning English in Malta

A student of mine recently went to Malta so he could improve his English and go diving after class. Malta is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is under British rule, having two languages, English and Maltese. The climate is warm, not much rainfall, making it perfect for combining learning English and sightseeing. When you book your English classes, you can also get accommodations with the school, at hotels, apartments or host families. You will be given a placement test the first day you arrive for class, and if you wish a final exam at the end to check your progress in English.

Learning English in New Zealand

Another exotic place you can go to learn English is New Zealand. New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, so if you want to escape the high temperatures in Europe during the summer, go where the weather is cooler down south! There are two islands in the New Zealand group, the North Island, and the South Island. The official language is English. There are 23 accredited institutions all over the country that teach English. You can study for the TESOL exam, learn English and travel! You can also go traveling to see the unique countryside, go swimming at the beach, take a trip up the canyon, go bird watching, caving and many other activities.

English learning holiday in the United States

The United States is the destination of choice for most people who want to learn English. English is the only official language in the United States, it is a nation of immigrants and this is one of the unifying factors of the country. There are many language schools all over the country from Boston on the East coast to San Diego on the West coast. After class, if you are in New York, you can see a play on Broadway, or go shopping on Fifth Avenue. If you choose to study in Northern California, you can go to Yellowstone National park for a holiday. Choose your study dates about a year in advance, as accommodations inside the park fill up fast!

An English learning holiday can be a fun way to improve your English. Basically, any English speaking country has English schools where you can study. It just depends on what country you would like to discover.
If you don’t have the opportunity during these holidays to travel overseas, online English courses are definitely an option!

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