English Talk: What does America have for breakfast?

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Let’s talk about cultural differences through food in general and breakfast in particular.

Read this article from the BBC (for the full article, click here)

Imagine an American breakfast and what comes to mind? Ham and eggs, with hash browns? Pancakes with maple syrup and bacon? The reality tends to be simpler. Cereal and fruit juice have been breakfast staples for generations – though that now seems to be changing.

The breakfast cereal behemoth, Kellogg, announced in July that quarterly global earnings had fallen by a sizable 16% over the year before. That same month, orange juice sales plummeted to the lowest in a decade, according to the Florida Department of Citrus.

Two pillars of the everyday American breakfast, seen for decades as part of a well-rounded morning meal, seem to be slowly losing their appeal to US consumers. But what foods are Americans turning to instead?

English talk about American breakfast

1. What is the trend described in the article?
2. Do you also try to save time with your breakfast? if so, how?
3. Compare you breakfast to the American breakfast. Is it slower to eat or prepare? Is it healthier?

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