This Is Why English Communication Skills Are So Crucial

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english communication skills

The four English communication skills have been constantly researched by book writers and teachers all around the world. These skills have been subject of many different analyses and studies. It’s undeniable how important they are for anyone trying to learn a new language. Lack of efficiency in the use of English communication skills can lead to different types of problems … Read More

Expressing your Point of View in an English Conversation

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Expressing your Point of View in an English Conversation

The reason why languages exist is to serve as a vehicle for people who want to pass on their ideas to others. Knowing a language and being able to communicate with others are two different things. In order to communicate properly with others you need to know popular expressions and common uses of the language as well as a good … Read More

A Simple Guide to Use English Numbers Properly in No Time

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Learn English Numbers

Is there anything more important than learning English numbers? Well, maybe yes… However, English numbers are a very important part of language. Not only do they allow us to express quantities (how much we want to buy, how much some owes us, our age, etc.) but they’re also very useful for periods of time. For instance, how would you refer … Read More

How Private English Lessons are Exactly What you Need

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Private English Lessons

Usually when people want to learn English, the first choice they consider is enrolling in a language school where they can attend group lessons. The number of students in a classroom can go from only 5 or 6 students to 15 or even more. However, the most popular method isn’t always the best. There are many other options which have … Read More

This Week’s Top 10 Articles To Learn English Taken From The News (2017 – Week 25)

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News Articles in English

This week, we have a broad range of articles taken from different news websites. You will be able to discuss these topics with our teachers. Pick one, read it and let your teacher know before the lesson what article you want to talk about. ——————– Current Affairs What happens when mom and dad face deportation From: Level: Suitable for … Read More

Learning English Online: Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts

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Learning English Online

People are very sceptical about learning English online. It’s normal to have fears and doubts about non-conventional ways of learning. The main reasons why people aren’t 100% convinced about this method of learning are: They think having class sessions online isn’t as serious as attending to a physical school where you’ll be surrounded by other students Time is also one … Read More

The Miracle of Online English Conversation Lessons

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Speaking English fluently is not a matter of days. It’s important to practice often. Therefore, Online English Conversation Lessons are a very good way to improve your management of the language. Even though being able to read and write properly is very important, you must keep in mind that speaking is the most used way of conveying ideas. Out of … Read More

Boost your confidence and improve your performance in English

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Speaking English fluently is a long process, progress doesn’t come overnight. The first step to improve your performance in English is to boost your confidence. Before engaging a conversation with native-English speakers, you need to feel confident that you understand other people and that what you say is clearly understood. Once you can communicate in English, you will find that your … Read More