Now Accepts Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Payments!

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English Course in Bitcoin

At a 10% discounted rate our customers can now purchase our online English courses with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. Learn English online, pay in Bitcoin For the start of the new year Live-English is offering a new, cheaper and for some, a more convenient way for our students to buy lessons and join us to improve their English … Read More

How a Professional English Course Is Going To Change Your Career path

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Professional English Course

Nowadays English is not just used in daily situations, it is also used in academic and professional settings around the world. Learning English goes hand in hand with identifying your ideal career path. It has become a requirement for professionals who want to have a successful career. If you are learning English for professional reasons, you are probably looking to … Read More

Practice English Online And Improve Your Business

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Practice English Online

The importance of English in the business area is not a secret for anyone. Being able to communicate in the most popular language in the world is a really relevant skill if you want to enhance your professional performance in your business life. Practice English Online And Grow Professionally and Personally That’s the reason why it’s important to also study … Read More

Business English: Marketing Vocabulary You Need To Know

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Business English Marketing

English is the most popular language in the world. Best known as the universal business language, it’s a major requirement in most (almost all of them) companies that have international relationships. Therefore if you want to take advantage of all your potential in business, you have to be focus on learning Business English. Today we’re going to focus on Business … Read More

How to Handle Business Meetings in English if English is Not Your Mother Tongue

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Business Meetings in English

Meetings in English are not uncommon for a businessman. English is the most important business language so it can be a drawback for any company with international relationships doesn’t have employees and senior staff able to speak English fluently. Why are Business Meetings in English so challenging? If you’re already part of a company possibly you’ve been witness some business … Read More

How to Start a Successful Presentation in English even though your English is a bit rusty

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Presentation in English

One of the targets many people aim when learning English is to gather the abilities required in order to give a complete presentation in English. This is usually where students feel a lot of pressure, they need to use the new language properly and also organize and remember the ideas they want to convey usually during a pre-established tight period … Read More

The 8 Reasons Students Love our Business English Ebook

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Business English ebook

When you register for a Business English course, you get access to resources dedicated to business people. You can not only send your own material (emails, presentation, etc.) but also use the resources we have designed especially for you, in particular our business English ebook. A practical Business English ebook Our Business English ebook is very popular. It’s practical, easy … Read More

Ten Things You Should Know About Business English Conversation – Part 2

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Last week, we spoke about the difference between general conversational English and business English, and while during business interactions there are many situations before, after and during breaks where your general English speaking abilities will get used. Still there will be other situations where the atmosphere of the discussion changes and a different way of communicating begins. #2 Specific business … Read More

Ten Things You Should Know About Business English Conversation

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#1 Is Business English really different from regular conversational English? Yes and No! What do I mean? As part of doing business, regular conversational English skills are required. ‘Small talks’ is an essential way to develop a better relationship with your business clients. Business English Conversation Topics Examples of ‘small talks’ or ‘ice breakers’ include conversations about the news, weather, … Read More

BULATS Speaking Test

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The Bulats Speaking test has three main parts.  This test is designed to test you on your ability to think fast and to speak English fluently. In order to pass this test, you should practice speaking about the topics that will be covered in the test.   Bulats Speaking Test: Part 1 The first part of the test is an … Read More