is a successful growing venture bringing thousands of people together to improve their English in a fun, professional, yet personal environment. It all started in 2006 when learning languages online was not so common.

The meeting of a French Internet specialist and an Australian English teacher created a partnership that could provide the best of both worlds, a technological solution to bring highly qualified teachers and students together in a friendly environment. They combined their expertise because they foresaw that the Internet was changing the way we work and that English was going to be an unavoidable skill. We wanted you to be ready for that.

The Internet has revolutionized the way we think. The World is a village and it’s so easy to travel from one place to the other. Skype is part of this process. You get to talk to an American teacher, to a British teacher and why not, to an Australian teacher on the same week.

We have seen so many of you struggling with your English and slowly slowly getting more confident and believing that YOU can also communicate in English. Our teachers are your instructors, your coaches but also your friends.

Likewise, our teachers, through their lessons, travel between Paris, Madrid, Berlin and a small village in Italy. It makes the experience rich for both the student and the English teacher.

We’ve seen so many competitive offers that try to make you speak to a machine to supposedly correct your accent and your style. Some of the technologies out there are really advanced and impressive, however, it lacks something ,small some would say, but essential. It lacks the human touch.

At, we are not against technology, far from that. However, we hope technology can get human being closer to one another, not further.

At, you are not a number. Every new registration is a new relationship that opens to us. Who is knocking at our door today? How are we going to help you today?


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