Learn English Online

Take English lessons by Skype or learn English by telephone with a native-English teacher from the USA, England or Australia. Choose from several courses.

Spoken English Course

Spoken English Course

Improve your fluency in General English through conversation lessons, going through personalized topics according to your level and needs. For more details

Business English

Business English Course

Boost your career with our Business English course. Teachers with business backgrounds will help you feel more confident for meetings, presentations, business trips, etc. For more details

Job Interview in English

Job Interview in English

Prepare yourself for an important job interview in English and rehearse interview questions with our experienced English teachers. For more details

English Exam Preparation

English Exam Preparation

You need to take an English exam soon? Study TOEIC, TOEFL, Cambridge, or any specific exam with our experienced native-English team. For more details

Some of our English Teachers

Our English teachers via Skype or on the phone from Live-English.net will help you feel more confident in English quickly through 1-to-1 sessions that are completely personalized to your needs. You will improve your English at your pace around topics that matter to you.

Rachelle British English Teacher

British English Teacher

Rachelle will help you prepare Cambridge exams (IELTS, First Certificate, etc.), rehearse for a job interview in English and polish your English for business.

Jason American English Teacher

American English Teacher

Jason will allow you to improve your English grammar and your Business English skills.

American Teacher

American Teacher

With Liz, you will be able to practice general conversation in English as well as business topics.

American English

American Teacher

No matter what your objectives are, Dominique will help you improve your level of English.

Diana American Teacher

American Teacher

Diana has a long experience teaching technical and scientifical English as well as Business English and English for finance. She's very efficient if you have an interview in English coming soon.

Ian British Teacher

British Teacher

Ian will help you improve your English around English for finance, Business English and scientifical English.

Q&A about learning English by Skype or by phone

How can I learn English online?

You just need to register through our website to start learning English online with a real teacher. Once registered, you get instant access to the Member Area so that you can book your private English lesson. We have teachers available 7 days a week between 5am and midnight CET.

Who chooses the English Teacher?

You do! Via the Member Area, you get the full list of English teachers by Skype / phone. You can check their profile and their schedule and book a lesson when it's convenient for you.

What is better, Skype English lessons or phone lessons?

At Live-English.net, we highly encourage our students to take Skype lessons. It's more interactive: the teacher can share his screen, type new vocabuary in real-time, send you links to different articles and/or exercises, it's also more like a real life conversation because you can see your teacher and communicate visually as well. Despite all these advantages, we understand that sometimes it's more convenient for some of our students to use a phone. It can be a technical limitation. For example, if you study at your office, you might have some restrictions from your company to use Skype. But mainly, students who prefer to study by phone do it because they usually use English over the phone and prefer to study in the same context. It's the case for job interviews that take place through the phone or office job that require to call overseas.